After a two year hiatus, Hunter As a Horse return with their third EP release, ‘Walk With Fire’.

Drawing from years of high altitude isolation, olive cultivation and Hendrix mixtapes on repeat in the Tuscan mountains combined with an impulsive rediscovery of their roots in native South Africa, ‘Walk With Fire’ is the sequel to 2016’s ‘The Two Magics’, contributing four new tracks to their necromancer’s charter.

Opening track ‘Walk With Fire’ heralds a folkore-imbued salute to re-asserting control of the past to navigate the future, while the thudding guitar riffs of ‘The Drums’ summon a parasomnic Mother Nature to battle, culminating on the edge of a climactic ‘The Abyss’ . Whilst the dreamy 80s revivalist nostalgia of ‘New Light’ draws the ceremony to a close.

Featuring in commercials from Mercedes Benz and in American television series’ such as ‘Riverdale’ and ‘American Horror Story’, Hunter as a Horse look to continue producing, developing and exposing not only their own music but that of new artists via their recently launched Johannesburg-based music label Bad Future Records.

“Hunter As a Horse play brilliant electro-pop, addictive and contemplative… they are a hot ticket for the future”
 – Time Out Paris

Bringing to mind the mesmerising atmospherics of Lamb and Zero 7. Dark, and very lovely indeed.”
– The Guardian

“One of my favourite favourite bands”
– Simon Raymonde from Bella Union/Amazing Radio