Ellenie Eloff made her debut as Elle E with a series of home recordings called Etiquette in September of 2018.

Stereo Child is her first studio EP.

It features 3 new tracks – a dose of Rock ń Roll medicine – delivered with infectious riffs, ass-quacking distortion and intensity of emotion.

Fronted by Ellenie Eloff on vocals and guitars and joined by Jeanré Leo on drums and CJ Duckitt on bass. It was recorded at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town and mixed and mastered by Ryan Sullivan.

Elle E has been performing her music and building a following at venues around the country. Fans are now familiar with her sound, as well as the band’s imagery – a tongue-in-cheek homage to dorp kitsch and nostalgic iconography.

As a performer, she combines the effortless cool of a glamour girl with the focused intensity of an artist who is dead serious about what she’s doing. It’s an unashamed rock ń roll bonfire, with lashings of loud guitar and smashing’s of cymbals – but it’s always about Ellenie, the soul of the performance, a mixture of grit and glam, venom and vulnerability.